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The following is a list of horses
owned or bred by
Romar Arabians

Romar Arabians maintains 30 to 35 horses here on the farm. Everything from
new foals and an outstanding collection of broodmares to finished show horses.

  • CH Liban(Shaikh Al Badi x Everything Lovely) 1982 grey stallion
  • DBM Alation(Aladdinn x Gay Flirtation) 1982 bay mare
  • CH Megen(Ramuss x Everything Lovely) 1983 bay mare
  • PLF Fanci Fire(Scottsdale OnFire x Windborne Sofanci) 1983 bay mare
  • Bint Najah(Shah Nishan x Zahara Najah) 1985 chestnut mare (SE)
  • Magnessa(Magneet x El Bradgoddess) 1986 bay mare
  • RB Maya(Scottsdale OnFire x Everything Lovely) 1988 bay mare
  • RB Fate OnFire(Scottsdale OnFire x CH Megen) 1989 bay mare
  • RB Mi Fanci(MS Santana x PLF Fanci Fire) 1990 bay mare
  • RB Gamal(Scottsdale OnFire x CH Megen) 1991 bay stallion
  • Rosali CAHR(Ali Valentino x Miss Dalul) 1993 bay mare (SE)
  • RB April Fanci(CH Liban x RB Mi Fanci) 1994 grey mare
  • RB Elet(RB Gamal x DBM Alation) 1995 bay mare
  • RB Alanis(Anaza El Farid x Bint Najah) 1995 chestnut mare
  • RB Ali Mareekha(Ruminaja Ali x MFA Tali Mareekha) 1995 bay mare (SE)
  • RB Linneah(Bold Alladinn x PLF Fanci Fire) 1995 bay mare
  • RB Mena(G Silk Boy x CH Essen) 1995 bay mare
  • RB Garnet(RHA Khnight Ryder x RB Mi Fanci) 1995 bay mare
  • RB Medina(RHA Khnight Ryder x CH Megen) 1995 bay mare
  • Xtream Dream(Magic Dream CAHR x Countess Shabaska) 1996 bay stallion
  • RB Via Psyche(Padrons Psyche x CH Megen) 1996 chestnut mare
  • Finali CAHR(Ali Valentino x Miss Dalul) 1996 bay mare (SE)
  • RB Allure(RB Gamal x DBM Alation) 1997 bay mare
  • RB Fanci Affair(Ray Dor Echo x PLF Fanci Fire) 1997 bay mare
  • RB Anera Ali(Ruminaja Ali x Rosali CAHR)1998 grey mare
  • RB Amara(RB Gamal x Magnessa) 1998 bay mare
  • RB First Dream(Xtream Dream x RB Mi Fanci) 1999 bay gelding
  • RB Maximum Dream(Xtream Dream x CH Megen) 1999 bay stallion
  • RB Trace(CH Liban x RB Garnet) 1999 bay gelding
  • RB Jade Gamal(RB Gamal x DBM Alation) 1999 bay mare
  • RB Malika Mareekha(Mohummed Sadden x RB Ali Mareekha) 2000 chestnut mare (SE)
  • RB Blue Gamal(RB Gamal x Magnessa) 2000 bay mare
  • RB Desert Dream(Xtream Dream x PLF Fanci Fire) 2000 bay mare
  • RB Tamara(RB Trace x RB Amara) 2001 bay filly
  • RB Elijah Dream(Xtream Dream x RB Elet) 2002 bay colt
  • RB Xtream Faith(Xtream Dream x RB Linneah) 2002 bay filly
  • RB Xtream Moment(Xtream Dream x RB Mi Fanci) 2002 bay colt
  • RB Dana Dream(Xtream Dream x RB Garnet) 2002 bay filly
  • RB True Ali(True Colours CAHR x Rosali CAHR) 2002 chestnut stallion (SE)
  • RB Al Shama(True Colours CAHR x Rosali CAHR) 2003 chestnut filly (SE)
  • RB Ever Xtream(Xtream Dream x RB Apirl Fanci) 2003 grey filly
  • RB Baaraz(Imperial Baarez x Rosali CAHR) 2004 bay colt (SE)
  • RB Fanci Miracle(Magic Dream x RB April Fanci) 2005 bay filly
  • RB Marwans Fanci(Marwan Al Shaqab x RB Mi Fanci) 2006 bay filly
  • RB Kenzanne(Kenz Noor x RB Anera Ali) 2007 bay filly (SE)